About Us

About Us

Company Overview: Founded in 2015 by the fashion forward sisters Priya Sachdev and Charu Sachdev with offices in New Delhi, Rock N Shop showcases over 300 brands (and still growing)and is dedicated to supporting  new emerging brands from India to reach out to a highly affluent audience in India and Globally.

Description: We are a global community of emerging and visionary fashion brands from India offering an inspirational shopping experience to fashion-forward consumers globally.
Our community also consists of independent boutiques that have an offline or online store, omni-channel boutiques, independent brands and designers directly from around the globe. They are located everywhere from Paris, New York, London and Milan to Dubai and India, but united on one website.

When you order through Rock N Shop, your order is delivered directly from the brand to your door.

We are here to make a difference in India. Our vision and intentions is make discerning fashion consumers to associate “Made in India” with “Luxury by India” .

Mission: Rock N Shop aims to bring premium to luxury emerging brands to the door step of every indulgent & aspirational consumer in India and globally. With seamless technology, we at Rock N Shop are bridging that gap, by connecting the consumer to discover and experience new emerging luxury and lifestyle brands from India simply with a click of a button.

Products: Premium and luxury fashion and lifestyle products.
Men, women, children, beauty, fine jewellery, watches and home

Contact info: Rock N Shop
Customer Care no: +91-837-700-4243
Email:  customercare@rocknshop.com