Celebrity Airport Looks Fall Edition

Celebrities put their best fashion foot forward, even when they're traveling! Take some travel inspiration and learn to strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. Blazers, sneakers, chic coats, leather duffels and more - shop all airport essentials and travel like a star!

  1. Sicilia Cotton T-shirt
    Dolce Gabbana

    Sicilia Cotton T-shirt

    As low as $425

  2. Miranda Strapless Romper
    Diane von Furstenberg

    Miranda Strapless Romper

    As low as $501

  3. Slim Trouser - Olive Green
    Alexander McQueen

    Slim Trouser - Olive Green

    As low as $465

  4. Slim Trouser - Black
    Alexander McQueen

    Slim Trouser - Black

    As low as $465

  5. The Equestrian Black
    Ikka Dukka

    The Equestrian Black


  6. The Equestrian Red
    Ikka Dukka

    The Equestrian Red


  7. The Equestrian Blue
    Ikka Dukka

    The Equestrian Blue


  8. Black trousers

    Black trousers

    As low as $400

  9. Assymetrical cream trousers

    Assymetrical cream trousers

    As low as $390

  10. Cannes Sunglasses - Prosecco and Green
  11. Cannes Sunglasses - Crystal and Mirror
  12. Cannes Sunglasses - Black and Purple
  13. Color block trousers

    Color block trousers

    As low as $390

  14. Blue crepe jumpsuit
    Halston Heritage

    Blue crepe jumpsuit

    As low as $580

  15. Classic silk-chiffon Skull Scarf - Green
  16. Classic silk-chiffon Skull Scarf - Rose Pink
  17. Cannes Sunglasses - Black and Crystal
  18. Miami Sunglasses - Matte and Black
  19. Classic silk-chiffon Skull Scarf - Pink
  20. Classic silk-chiffon Skull Scarf - White N Orange

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