Neha Taneja

The label that imbues art, aesthetics and design, Neha Taneja is the fashion designer and full time stylist based out of New Delhi. To her fashion is all about inner experiences. In her words : “My fashion is an extension of me, who I am, what I think and what I see. To me its cathartic. An art form with unconventional medium and strokes. I especially enjoy fashion that knows no boundaries, where shapes, construction and mood is played with; where every facet of styling is a story in itself.”


  1. Black and gold turtle neck fitted dress
  2. Black and gold short cape jacket
  3. Fuchsia Pink Raw Silk Strapless Gown
  4. Burgundy And Gold Jacquard Midi Length Bustier Dress
  5. Burgundy And Gold Jacquard Strapless Dress
  6. Black Jacquard Pleated Dress

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