Deepa by Deepa Gurnani

In 2016, Deepa Gurnani launched two separate ranges to satisfy the needs of our global customers. 'Deepa Gurnani ' remains a luxury brand, focused on limited edition trend-led capsule collections, made with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones. The second brand 'Deepa by Deepa Gurnani' is a more accessible collection, creating beautiful and easy-to- wear pieces for all occasions. Through today, the highest quality standards prevail in all collections with no compromise on the quality and the ethics of our workmanship.


  1. Chantel Earring In Gold Color
  2. Chantel Earring In Gunmetal Color
  3. Pixie Earring In Gold Color
  4. Pixie Earring In Silver Color
  5. Herise Earring In Gold Color
  6. Herise Earring In Red Color
  7. Herise Earring In Black Color
  8. Nira Earring In Gold Color
  9. Perry Earring In Gold Color
  10. Lieu Earring In Red Color
  11. Lieu Earring In Green Color
  12. Lieu Earring In Navy Color
  13. Belie Earring In Gun Metal Color
  14. Belie Earring In Black Color
  15. Candie Earring In Silver Color
  16. Candie Earring In Gold Color
  17. Bella Earring In Blue Color
  18. Bella Earring In Green Color
  19. Bella Earring In Fuchsia Color
  20. Bella Earring In Orange Color

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