The creation of two sisters - Kaabia and Sasha Grewal, Outhouse is an extravagant jewelry brand that exudes aesthetic avant-garde, intricate and quirky collection of bracelets, earrings, rings, head harnesses and a wide range of innovative jewelry. Using myriad colors, textures and stones, each collection is handcrafted keeping in mind the quintessential "Outhouse Girl"- who is Fearless, Independent and Audacious!!


  1. Embrace Earrings With Pearls
  2. Nature Inspired Empress Earrings
  3. Empress Tassel Earrings

    Empress Tassel Earrings


  4. Heritage Pearl Tassel Earrings
  5. Heritage Studs With Pearls And Crystals
  6. Empress Choker With Zircon Embellishment
  7. Heritage Choker With Pearls
  8. Gold and Black Hand harness
  9. Fringe Gold Bracelet
  10. Stone Studded Bracelet
  11. Pearl and Gold Bracelet
  12. Gold Feather Hand cuff
  13. Sylphina Ziptail Earrings
  14. Sylphina Gush Earrings
  15. Rose Gold and Swarovski Earrings
  16. Peanut Wood Jasper Earrings
  17. Swarovski Stud Earrings
  18. Jade Motif Earrings
  19. Swallowtail Necklace
  20. Ceylon Rose Open Necklace

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