Designed for the coolest girl in the room who can pull off a chic yet glamorous outfit, 'Platinoir' is for someone who is fashion-forward and has no inhibitions. The designs are a combination of individuality, classy and urban essence with comfort and versatility. The collection features romantic pastel hued tulle dresses hand crafted with aari work, embellished with sequins. Classic designs exude timeless elegance, paired with a contemporary edge.


  1. Embellished Leather Jacket

    Embellished Leather Jacket

    As low as $550

  2. Tailored Dapper Set

    Tailored Dapper Set

    As low as $600

  3. Pale Pink Embellished Peplum Top and Pant Set
  4. Pale Blue Embellished Shoulders Shirt
  5. Grey Beaded Jacket
  6. Grey Embellished Playsuit
  7. Aztec  Cold Shoulder Dress
  8. Sleeve Slit Dress In Black Color
  9. Kimono Jumpsuit In Black Color
  10. Embellished Ruffle Jumpsuit
  11. Pink Beaded Jumpsuit
  12. White Artwork Dress
  13. Grey Embellished Dress
  14. Peach Embellished Dress
  15. Amethyst Layered Dress
  16. Cape Rosepink Jmpsuit
  17. Embellished Sage Green Gown
  18.  Black Floral Waist Gown
  19. Black Peplum Off Shoulder Top With Trousers
  20. Navy Blue Embellished Shoulder Wide Leg Jumpsuit

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