Rashmi Modi

Rashmi Modi is a handbag designer by education, experience and obsession. When she was designing for other brands, she always wondered “why are we not making and selling luxury-handcrafted handbags made in india with such trained artists amongst us?” So, a new revolution began with rashmi trying to answer this question.. And here she is, creating original designs that are handcrafted completely in india.. Each handbag made is a work of art, skill and experience. It beholds their years of heritage. It’s a luxury you can own and feel.


  1. Black Rhythm Medium Crossbody
  2. Black Fringe Small Shoulder Bag
  3. Taupe Fringe Small Shoulder Bag
  4. Light Gunmetal Feather Mini Clutch
  5. Light Gold Feather Mini Clutch
  6. Light Gold Feather Small Sling
  7. Light Gunmetal Feather Small Sling
  8. Natural Feather Small Sling
    Rashmi Modi

    Natural Feather Small Sling


  9. Sage Tangled Large Tote
    Rashmi Modi

    Sage Tangled Large Tote


  10. Ivory Tangled Large Tote
    Rashmi Modi

    Ivory Tangled Large Tote


  11. Taupe Tangled Large Tote
    Rashmi Modi

    Taupe Tangled Large Tote


  12. light Gunmetal Tangled Small Shoulder Bag
  13. Champgne Gold Tangled Small Shoulder Bag
  14. Icy Latte Tangled Small Shoulder Bag
  15. Cherry Berry Tangled Small Shoulder Bag
  16. Taupe Tangled Small Shoulder Bag
  17. Icy Latte August Shoulder Bag
  18. Cherry Barry August Shoulder Bag
  19. Taupe August Shoulder Bag
    Rashmi Modi

    Taupe August Shoulder Bag


  20. Sage Tangled Small Tote
    Rashmi Modi

    Sage Tangled Small Tote


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