Rose Room Couture

The strong identity of RoseRoom couture lies in its superfeminine and fantastical style, breaking free from seriousness and old school traditions. A combination of delicacy and substance are at the essence of the collection that infuses modern day elegance with a powerful feminine energy.


  1. Denim Chain Jacket
  2. Denim Embellished Dress
  3. Denim Embellished Biker Jacket
  4. Denim Badges Jacket
  5. Denim Embellished Jacket
  6. Denim Embellished Waist Coat
  7. Denim  Chain Shorts
  8. Blue Badge Trouser Suit
  9. Off White Box Pleats Dress
  10. Denim Embellished Blazer
  11. Denim Crystal Work Jacket
  12. Denim Studded Top
  13. Denim Studded Zipper Jacket
  14. Denim Laser Cut Skirt with Studs
  15. White Front Embellished Dress
  16. Denim Back Shoulder Crystal Work Dress
  17. Denim Fully Embellished Corset Belt
  18. Black Embellished Laser Cut Waistcoat
  19. White Fully Embellished Corset Belt
  20. Black Fully Embroidered Corset Belt

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