Sameer Madan

A label to watch out for, SM is shorthand for rising talent Sameer Madan whose debut collection “I Was Here” has already received impressive reviews. With his edgy aesthetics and accent on elegance, SM promises refinement with sharply tailored pieces. His current focus is silhouette flattering evening wear for women with a zany take on shirts for men. His Shiva-inspired prints are full of spirit, yet subtle enough in their style.


  1. Afro Punk Statement bomber
    Sameer Madan

    Afro Punk Statement bomber

    As low as $315

  2. Akemi Bodycon Dress Maroon
    Sameer Madan

    Akemi Bodycon Dress Maroon

    As low as $220

  3. Ayako Bodycon Dress
    Sameer Madan

    Ayako Bodycon Dress

    As low as $255

  4. Navy Blue  Jersey Ayame Bodycon with Under-bust wiring and scooped neckline
  5. Maroon Quilted Cho Jacket Dress
    Sameer Madan

    Maroon Quilted Cho Jacket Dress

    As low as $200

  6. Raw Umber Halter Collared Hanako Cotton Trench Dress
  7. Monochrome Kagami Jacket with Fur
    Sameer Madan

    Monochrome Kagami Jacket with Fur

    As low as $370

  8. Black cotton Kazuo Puff Jacket
    Sameer Madan

    Black cotton Kazuo Puff Jacket

    As low as $360

  9. Black with Gold Sequinned Candice Gown
  10. Multicolour Sequinned Thea Bodycon
  11. Lilac Zia Tunic
  12. Dual Gold and Black Luna Kaftan
  13. Black Solana Bodycon With Black Sequinned Checks
  14. Dual Gold and Black Goldilocks Long Jacket
  15. Multicolour Sequinned Apollo Jumpsuit
  16. Ivory Russian Bomber
  17. Black Ilona Bodycon
  18. Dark Blue and black Star Bodycon
  19. Zig Zag Sequin tunic
  20. Copper/Silver Dual Sequinned Ellen Bomber

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