Shrdha Trehan

Shrdha Trehan is a trendy western & indo-western wear fashion house from New Delhi,India. Producing each season, an Exclusive Collection of Formal and Informal Attire. Shrdha believes in giving each client an Outstanding In-Vogue Fashion look and fit unique to themselves. Our motto being able to provide comfort yet style in any outfit. Experimenting with different fabrics, styles, silhouettes and linking them with the latest trends that come in each season is a challenge that we take up here at Shrdha Trehan.


  1. Black Classy Forever Jumpsuit
  2. White Couture Jumpsuit
  3. Black Criss-Cross jumpsuit
  4. Peach Sexy Back Jumpsuit
  5. Black Peplum Jacket
  6. Midnight Cape Dress
  7. Wine Trench Dress
  8. Shimmer Assymetric Top/Dress
  9. Grey Applique Lace Bella Top
  10. Black Sequin Cape
  11. Black Sequin Cowl Gown
  12. Blue Tweed Peplum Jacket
  13. Haute Cape Frozen Shoulder Top
  14. Bling It On Dress
  15. Long Sequinned Jacket
  16. Modish Favourite Jacket Top
  17. Beaming Peplum Jacket
  18. Party Girl Cold Shoulder Dress
  19. Beige Crop Top & Skirt Set
  20. Ladylove Peplum Long Dress

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