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Aren’t kids the cutest? Every parent loves to dress up their little ones in the best of clothes and in all fairness, they are the fashionistas of the future!

Taking inspiration from kids wear campaigns for brands like H&M, Gap and even Ralph Lauren, we at Rock N Shop have come up with a fun campaign of ourselves!

We have a variety of kids wear brands like Kukoon, Kidology and Gauri Nainika to name a few that are sure to upgrade your little fashionista’s wardrobe in no time. Directions to the campaign below!

What you have to do:

We want you to have a look at our kids wear collection on Rock N Shop and make some fun collages for either a day or night look for your child and share them on your blog and all social media handles. The looks have to be personal and something that your child will love to wear.

You can of course take inspiration from other campaigns - if you do, post your inspiration alongside your own creative post.

Tag all your loved ones and ask them to do the same! Use relevant hashtags and don’t forget to tag @rocknshop.

Use #ChildrensDayRNS