Black Tie Dressing

  1. Black Sheath Dress
    Hanley Mellon

    Black Sheath Dress

    As low as $980

  2. Blue Sapphire Peacock Feather Ring
  3. Ruby and Blue Sapphire Peacock Earrings
  4. Eternity Ruby and Diamond Ring
  5. Eternity Blue Sapphire RIng
  6. Eternity Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring
  7. Eternity Ruby Ring

    Eternity Ruby Ring


  8. Flower Diamonds Ring

    Flower Diamonds Ring


  9. Citrine and Diamonds Ring in Yellow Gold
  10. Citrine and Diamond Prong Set Ring
  11. Circles Diamond Ring

    Circles Diamond Ring


  12. Cream Fluffy Front Dress
    Runa Ray

    Cream Fluffy Front Dress

    As low as $880

  13. Monica Maxi Dress
    Diane von Furstenberg

    Monica Maxi Dress

    As low as $1,200

  14. Black Off Shoulder Jumpsuit
  15. Silver and White Pearl Embellished Box Clutch
  16. Gold and White Pearl Embellished Box Clutch
  17. Green Idrofilo Strap Sandals
  18. Beige Gibi Pumps
  19. Yellow Hangisi Schmid Pumps
  20. White Dariusha Ankle Strap Sandals

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