Designer Bags

Choose from a wide range of designer bags that not only makes your travelling filled with style and elegance but also makes it enjoyable. RocknShop has always ensured to constantly deliver innovative products to its customers. You can now choose from a wide range of designer bag that not only makes your bag looks stylish but also gives that extra appeal. No matter where you travel or what you have planned for the day, our designer bags are a handy piece of baggage to have with you because of its room space and the style. There a wide range of options from a duffle to a coin bag or a sling bag. So, grab one quickly and make your presence felt in grace where ever you are.

  1. Black Rectangular Box Clutch
    Halston Heritage

    Black Rectangular Box Clutch


  2. Heroine mini chained satchel - Silver
    Alexander McQueen

    Heroine mini chained satchel - Silver


  3. Black Fringe Small Shoulder Bag
  4. Taupe Fringe Small Shoulder Bag
  5. Scented Denim Patches Mens Backpack

    Scented Denim Patches Mens Backpack

    As low as $600

  6. Convertible leather wallet
    Halston Heritage

    Convertible leather wallet

    As low as $437

  7. Black Grove Kilburn Duffle
  8. Brown Grove Kilburn Duffle
  9. White and Black Kilburn Duffle
  10. Ikat Kilburn Duffle
    The Maker

    Ikat Kilburn Duffle


  11. Blue and White Grove Eco Backpack
  12. Brown Kilburn Laptop Bag
    The Maker

    Brown Kilburn Laptop Bag


  13. Blue and Black Grove Eco Backpack
  14. Brown Kilburn Duffle
    The Maker

    Brown Kilburn Duffle


  15. Tan Lara Slim Leather Wallet
  16. Deep Blue Kilburn Laptop Bag
  17. Kilburn Tie-Dye Laptop Bag
  18. Black Kilburn Tote
    The Maker

    Black Kilburn Tote


  19. Brown Tie-Dye Kilburn Folder
  20. Light Blue Kilburn Tote
    The Maker

    Light Blue Kilburn Tote


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