Designer Party Dresses for Women

And there you have been waiting for another reason to party with your favorite friends and you managed to fix a few for the coming weeks. But wait. Do do you have the finest looking designer outfit that can give you extra radiant look with shades of whatever it is that you choose to wear and still be subtle. Well at Rock N Shop you can choose what you want to wear depending on the parties you are attending, could be a house party, college party, pool party or a Bachelorette party, we have the best looking attire for you. Our designer collections are so expressive, it can make you look just perfect to show your best side, and get some awe looking pictures to reminisce later. So, if you wish to wear a velvet dress with simple as well as fancy contrast color sequins with a cut out at the waistline that defines your waist with elegance login to Rock N Shop right away and own a few.

  1. Cardinal Ponte Gown with Chiffon Inserts
    Bibhu Mohapatra

    Cardinal Ponte Gown with Chiffon Inserts

    As low as $4,594

  2. Dolly Dress
    Diane von Furstenberg

    Dolly Dress

    As low as $683

  3. Elsa Printed Sleeveless Wrap Dress
    Diane von Furstenberg

    Elsa Printed Sleeveless Wrap Dress

    As low as $683

  4. Ennoble Diamond Bracelet

    Ennoble Diamond Bracelet

    As low as $4,270

  5. Ball Gown with metallic lace bodice and tulle skirt
  6. Illusion Neckline Gown with beaded appliqué silk
  7. Sleeveless Beaded Cocktail Dress

    Sleeveless Beaded Cocktail Dress

    As low as $1,512

  8. Peacock Wing Ruby Earrings

    Peacock Wing Ruby Earrings

    As low as $6,775

  9. Vert Cabochon Emerald drop earrings

    Vert Cabochon Emerald drop earrings

    As low as $3,910

  10. Panache tassel  Earrings

    Panache tassel Earrings

    As low as $2,375

  11. Rosecut Diamonds Earrings with Emerald Drops
  12. Dainty Diamond Haathphool

    Dainty Diamond Haathphool

    As low as $1,295

  13. Lustre Heart Pendant

    Lustre Heart Pendant

    As low as $1,305

  14. Scarlet Ruby Ring

    Scarlet Ruby Ring

    As low as $4,745

  15. South Pearl strings

    South Pearl strings

    As low as $835

  16. Multi-color Layered String

    Multi-color Layered String

    As low as $3,740

  17. Illusionary  Septagon Sapphire and Emerald Studs
  18. Black Rectangular Box Clutch
    Halston Heritage

    Black Rectangular Box Clutch


  19. Bandage knit mini dress
    Alexander McQueen

    Bandage knit mini dress

    As low as $2,320

  20. Regalia Diamond Round Studs

    Regalia Diamond Round Studs

    As low as $2,085

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