Designer Silver Bags

  1. Wallet Zip Clutch In Silver
    Jasbir Gill

    Wallet Zip Clutch In Silver


  2. Swarosvki Crystal Silver Clutch
    Diane von Furstenberg

    Swarosvki Crystal Silver Clutch

    As low as $376

  3. Knot Clutch – Silver Lace
    Katherine Kwei

    Knot Clutch – Silver Lace

    As low as $485

  4. Joan-Rectangle Clutch - Silver
    Katherine Kwei

    Joan-Rectangle Clutch - Silver

    As low as $495

  5. Aston Silver Clutch
    Malini Murjani

    Aston Silver Clutch

    As low as $1,050

  6. Farah Silver Clutch
    Malini Murjani

    Farah Silver Clutch

    As low as $805

  7. Light Gunmetal Feather Mini Clutch
  8. Light Gold Feather Mini Clutch
  9. Light Gold Feather Small Sling
  10. Light Gunmetal Feather Small Sling
  11. Silver Henrietta Fringe Clutch - Small
  12. Silver Henrietta Fringe Clutch - Medium
  13. Silver Henrietta Fringe Clutch - Large
  14. Silver Resin

    Silver Resin


  15. Silver Metal Tab Clutch
  16. Heroine mini chained satchel - Black
  17. Falabella Fringed Tote
  18. Falabella Fold over Clutch
  19. Silver Scalloped Beaded Foldover Clutch
  20. Silver and Gunmetal Geometric Beaded Flap Clutch

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