Baby Moshai

A new life in your arms, an angel who brings showers of blessings and colors- such is the world of The brainchild of entrepreneur Varsha Jain, the site caters to the needs of your little angel-from newborns to twelve year olds, you can find something fun yet classy for your child for every occasion here. Be it casuals, semi-formals or formals, babymoshai is a one-stop shop for luxurious, classy, funky clothes and high-end accessories. 


  1. Little Bonnie Dress
  2. Cute Little Heart-Red
  3. Neon Apple Dress
  4. Perfect Fairytale (Bag included)
  5. Makeup Love (with bag)
  6. Watermelon Dress
  7. 3 Piece Owl Skirt Set
  8. 3 Piece Balloon Skirt Set
  9. Animal Print Dress
  10. Blue Stripes Drop Shoulder Dress
  11. Check Drop Shoulder Dress
  12. Little Lady Skirt Set
  13. Damsel In Heaven Dress
  14. Unisex 3D Ear Pants

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