Gauri and Nainika

Gauri & Nainika Karan launched their label Gauri & Nainika in January 2002 in New Delhi. An eveningwear brand with styles ranging from dresses to elaborate gowns Inspired by European fashion history, art, music, books, personalities, theatre, old Hollywood, red carpet glamour and pictures of their mother from the 70s, the brand has always had an extremely feminine and romantic design philosophy with styles that are luxurious yet understated. With a strong emphasis on fabric, cut & colour, the designs focus on shape and flattering silhouettes. By combining tailoring with drapery, the garments are meticulously crafted and have a timeless appeal where old world charm, fantasy and elegance are brought bang up to date.


  1. Black Front Frill Dress
  2. Front Frill Red Dress
  3. Fuchsia Side Frill Dress
  4. Ivory and Black Corsage Princess Dress
  5. Peach and Black Corsage Princess Dress
  6. Blush Shawl Collar Dress
  7. Red Shawl Collar Dress
  8. Ivory Pom Pom Dress
  9. Ivory Princess Dress
  10. Ivory Ostrich Dress
  11. Fuchsia Faux Tutu Dress
  12. Royal Blue Faux Tutu Dress
  13. Princess Trail Gown
  14. Ivory and Red Bloom Dress
  15. Big Bloom Dress
  16. Purple and Black Hipfrill Dress
  17. Ivory and Black Hipfrill Dress
  18. Ivory Bell Sleeves Dress
  19. Peach Umbrella Dress
  20. Mint Trapeze Dress

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