Milk Teeth

Season after season, Milk teeth proposes a new, imaginative world around a fun theme. Based on these themes, their prints, illustrations and fabric characters take shape. The brand stand for having fun, and not taking life too seriously. What they do take seriously: staying eclectic & comfortable, while being the best in kids’ fashion.


  1. Grey Harlequin Dress
  2. Red Flying Balloon Dress
  3. Navy Pirouette Dress
  4. Mid Blue Double Fun Shirt
  5. Deep-Red Cotton Joggers
  6. Navy Ringmaster Dress
  7. Deep Red Balloon Brooch
  8. Bunny Brooch
  9. Lion Brooch
  10. Strong Man Brooch
  11. Multicolor Double Fun Shirt
  12. Yellow Kringle Dress
  13. Dark Grey Kringle Dress
  14. Black Kringle Dress
  15. Red and White Animal Acrobat Dress
  16. Cream Pirouette Dress
  17. Green Balloon Brooch
  18. Grey and Black Animal Acrobat Dress
  19. Grey Ringmaster Dress
  20. Grey Elfie Dress

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