Shop from our range of designer dresses for your little princess from brands like Baby Moshai, Mommy A-Z and many more. Be it a Friday dressing to school, a beach outing with family or a birthday party, shop from a variety of colors, prints and styles from our range of dresses for kids!

  1. Black Front Frill Dress
  2. Front Frill Red Dress
  3. Fuchsia Side Frill Dress
  4. Ivory and Black Corsage Princess Dress
  5. Grey Harlequin Dress
  6. Tiffany All Over Dress
  7. Tiffany Collar Dress
  8. Peach and Black Corsage Princess Dress
  9. Blush Shawl Collar Dress
  10. Red Shawl Collar Dress
  11. Ivory Pom Pom Dress
  12. Ivory Tiffany Wrap Dress
  13. Black Tiffany Wrap Dress
  14. Tiffany Fit & Flare Dress
  15. Ivory Princess Dress
  16. Ivory Ostrich Dress
  17. Fuchsia Faux Tutu Dress
  18. Royal Blue Faux Tutu Dress
  19. Green Tiffany Bodice Dress
  20. Teal Blue Tiffany Bodice Dress

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