Fueled by a love for fragrance, an obsession with candles and an intense desire to work with our hands, Niana created its first handcrafted soy candle in September 2010. Four years later it moved from a kitchen to a studio twice over, keeping up with the demand. Constantly introducing new products, we pour, clean, label and package every candle by hand with utmost care and attention. Drawing our core inspirations from the people we meet, our travels, memories, experiences and moments; all Niana products are symbolic of these explorations and discoveries. Our aromas are subtle, evocative and eclectic. Niana seeks to awaken all your senses,to bring to your life and home, a deep sense of joy, serenity and illumination.


  1. Bamboo Grove Candle By Niana
  2. Moonlake Musk Candle By Niana
  3. Mystique Candle By Niana
  4. Floral Collection - Set of 3 Candles
  5. Fruity Collection - Set of 3 Candles
  6. Spa-Collection - Set of 3 Candles
  7. Woody Collection - Set of 3 Candles
  8. Cool Fresh - Reed Diffuser
  9. Grapefruit and Mangosteen - Reed Diffuser
  10. Mystique - Reed Diffuser
  11. Eternal Romance - Reed Diffuser
  12. Honeysuckle Jasmine - Reed Diffuser
  13. Moonlake Musk - Reed Diffuser
  14. Mediterranean Breeze - Reed Diffuser
  15. Lavender And Ylang Ylang Candle By Niana
  16. Pink Passion Candle By Niana
  17. Red Spice Candle By Niana
  18. Vanilla Candle By Niana
  19. White Tea & Berries Candle By Niana
  20. Dessert Collection - Set of 3 Candles

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