Vista Alegre

Founded in 1824 by José Ferreira Pinto Basto, Vista Alegre is one of Europe's largest porcelain manufacturers. Respected for their commitment to making exceptionally high quality products, they are also well known for their collaborations with both well established and up and coming designers. Vista Alegre's design led porcelain tableware is the perfect way to bring a little European panache to your home.


  1. Anna Dinner Plate
    Vista Alegre

    Anna Dinner Plate


  2. Anna Bread & Butter Plate
    Vista Alegre

    Anna Bread & Butter Plate


  3. Anna Large Salad Bowl
    Vista Alegre

    Anna Large Salad Bowl


  4. Anna Large Oval Platter
    Vista Alegre

    Anna Large Oval Platter


  5. Anna Small Salad Bowl
    Vista Alegre

    Anna Small Salad Bowl


  6. Coralina Dinner Plate
    Vista Alegre

    Coralina Dinner Plate


  7. Coralina Fruit Bowl
    Vista Alegre

    Coralina Fruit Bowl


  8. Estrela Small Bowl
    Vista Alegre

    Estrela Small Bowl


  9. Coralina Bread & Butter Plate
  10. Coralina Small Oval Platter
    Vista Alegre

    Coralina Small Oval Platter


  11. Coralina Salad Bowl
    Vista Alegre

    Coralina Salad Bowl


  12. Essence Gift Box with Mini Perfume Bottle
  13. Essence Gift Box with Claudia Mini Perfume Bottle
  14. Estrela Candlestick
    Vista Alegre

    Estrela Candlestick


  15. Gipsy Tea Teapot In Turquoise Color

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