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If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your room will be a true reflection of you. RocknShop offers variety of designer room-decor products like cushions, designer photo frames, candle stands, rugs, wooden mirrors and many more to give a personal touch to your beautiful room! Shop from premium and luxury brands such as The Black Steel, The House of Things, Rugs and Beyond etc.

  1. Nesting Herons Cushion In Multi Color
    Monsoon and Beyond

    Nesting Herons Cushion In Multi Color


  2. Rainbow Vision Durry
    Rugs and Beyond

    Rainbow Vision Durry


  3. Sliding Zig Zag
    Rugs and Beyond

    Sliding Zig Zag


  4. Ladakhi Traditions
  5. Blue Kuntap
  6. Prayer Flags

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