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  1. Shea flared pleated skirt
    Alice Olivia

    Shea flared pleated skirt

    As low as $531

  2. Louie Long Lace skirt
    Alice Olivia

    Louie Long Lace skirt

    As low as $884

  3. Cannes Sunglasses - Prosecco and Green
  4. Cannes Sunglasses - Crystal and Mirror
  5. Rita two Leather pencil skirt
    Diane von Furstenberg

    Rita two Leather pencil skirt

    As low as $683

  6. Cannes Sunglasses - Black and Purple
  7. Cannes Sunglasses - Black and Crystal
  8. Miranda Strapless Romper
    Diane von Furstenberg

    Miranda Strapless Romper

    As low as $501

  9. Acapulco Sunglasses - Jet Black and Blue
  10. Bergen Sunglasses - Bengal and Green
  11. Marny Printed Skirt
    Diane von Furstenberg

    Marny Printed Skirt

    As low as $683

  12. Black trousers

    Black trousers

    As low as $400

  13. Assymetrical cream trousers

    Assymetrical cream trousers

    As low as $390

  14. Color block trousers

    Color block trousers

    As low as $390

  15. White top with green sheer inserts

    White top with green sheer inserts

    As low as $230

  16. Black Fringe Small Shoulder Bag
  17. Blue crepe jumpsuit
    Halston Heritage

    Blue crepe jumpsuit

    As low as $580

  18. Lace trim shell top
    Rachel Roy

    Lace trim shell top

    As low as $281

  19. Fearless Flats

    Fearless Flats

    As low as $120

  20. Gilmore smooth cat print shirt
    Diane von Furstenberg

    Gilmore smooth cat print shirt

    As low as $360

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