• 1

    He likes to make
    an entrance

    His suits' collection belongs in a museum - if this isn't an overstatement then you've got yourselves a suave machine. "Knowing your brogues from oxfords is a skill that only few men possess" - you've heard your father quip this since the beginning of time. Belts are his passion. Before you know it, he'd narrate a story from his younger days. About belts.

  • 2

    He invented
    casual Fridays

    Well, not technically; although, he might be the reincarnation of the man who did. Mark Zuckerberk cannot pull of the colour grey as effortlessly as your dad. No seriously, if your dad auditioned for a denim ad, you won't be shocked if he ends up starring in it. Each time he puts on his white sneakers, he is the epitome of what they call "The Cool Dad".

  • 3

    He puts the
    hunch in Brunch

    Well, for one, his restaurant radar is tuned better than a food critic. He orders the best things on the menu, unmistakably. Let's be honest; you've copied his wine-tasting antics on first dates. Not just that, his jokes have been shamelessly stolen by you without much credit.

  • 4

    He ties UP the
    loose ends

    Whether it's silk ties or family crisis, he leaves no businesses unfinished. If 'problem solving' was a skill one could wear, your father would flaunt it like his lucky bracelet that no one would dare touch. Each time he signs off with a "I'll take care of it", you know you've seen the last of the said crisis.

  • 5

    He disses the term
    "man purse"

    Because when Alan educated the world about the satchel in the movie 'Hangover', your father nodded in agreement. Over the years, you have come to associate your dad's signature satchel with holidays. And, there isn't any other gift that will satiate his need to organise his travel essentials.

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