Denim jeans should be one of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe. Over the years they’ve been sported by men from every outlook of life, from cowboys, soldiers, punks and rockers, to hippies, mods, indie kids and preps. They’re a universal piece of clothing, suited to every season, outfit and occasion. Shop for designer jeans from brands like DSquared2, Alexander McQueen, and many more!

  1. Cool Guy Double Jean

    Cool Guy Double Jean

    As low as $865

  2. Kenny Twist Jean

    Kenny Twist Jean

    As low as $560

  3. Moschino White Denim With Four Pockets

    Moschino White Denim With Four Pockets

    As low as $240

  4. Moschino Broad Length Denims

    Moschino Broad Length Denims

    As low as $225

  5. Blue 17cm Stretch Jeans
    Alexander McQueen

    Blue 17cm Stretch Jeans

    As low as $560

  6. Medium Grey stretch denim
    Dolce Gabbana

    Medium Grey stretch denim

    As low as $793

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