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All New Work Wear Dressing

By Ankita Kukreti - September 14, 2018


Forget what you know about work wear. No more browns, blacks or greys. We’re showing you our take on fun work wear that can easily make a statement without it taking anything away from you being a total BOSS!


Catching Your Eye, Corporate Style

Steer away from colors such as black and grey and experiment with the likes of purple, shades of red and more. In terms of prints, try going for something abstract, as seen below.

Staying True To The Classics

You can always rely on classic colors such as whites and blues for work. They are versatile, clean and more importantly, very professional – pants, shirts for men and blazers, footwear for women.

After Hour Fix Up

You should always have transitional pieces in your collection. These pieces will take you from day to night and you can instantly feel like you’re wearing a new outfit! Must have transitional pieces include a blazer, a black dress, nude heels and some jewelry.

Mixing Business With Pleasure

These looks are perfect for office dinners and special events. If you still prefer a more formal look, you can stick to classic colors and cuts in terms of clothing and can put the focus on any one item, like shoes.

See workwear in motion through our segment ‘A Secret Agent’ and let it empower you in more ways than one!