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Beauty Essentials for Every Woman

By Punya Sareen - October 15, 2015

Beauty Essentials
for Every Woman

A woman’s beauty bag is one of her most treasured assets in her everyday wardrobe. And with the bevy of beauty products available at the alleys of a drugstore, women often get caught up in a conglomeration of what to invest in. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to have the right mix of skincare, make-up and hair-care products to create a winning look. Depend on this magic box of beauty essentials for accelerating from a zero to hundred in no time, irrespective of its size!

Define flawlessness with the following beauty tips for women with our expert recommended products:

Essential Oils

Planning your everyday beauty regimen may seem like a Herculean task at first. Thus, we wanted to start from the scratch and suggest essential oils that are the hero products of any woman’s beauty routine. Treat your hair, skin and nails with this set of vitally important oils once in every three days for voluminous hair, glowing skin and strong nails, respectively.

Exfoliating Scrub

Your pursuit for an ideal skin ends with a good exfoliating scrub. A scrub helps in lightening all the dark spots, repudiating dead skin cells and unveiling the natural skin underneath.


Count on a perfume as a part of everyday beauty essentials that defines you, as people mostly associate you with the fragrance you wear. Think of it as your go-to mechanism for making an impression. Invest in a good fragrance because it’s your secret weapon and it never goes out of style!


Rely on an ace eye-liner for a captivating everyday look. Whether you feel like going dramatic or keeping it minimal, a smashing eye-liner will do the trick!

The red lipstick

A red lipstick is a timeless classic. Whether you prefer a subtle red during the day or standout vampire one at night, a red color lipstick is always in style, no matter what the age!

Bio-cleansing water

A cleanser is inevitable for flawless skin. It helps remove dirt and make-up, apart from keeping the skin’s natural oil intact. Thus, including a cleaner as a part of your beauty regimen is a must!

Anti-ageing oil

If you haven’t started already, then you must include retinol and anti-oxidants in your daily beauty routine. They not only help make the skin look younger but also deal with issues like acne, wrinkles and smooth skin texturing. Thus, investing in a worthwhile face and eye-cream for glowing skin is ineluctable!

Our list of beauty essentials is downright and absolute in terms of skin-care, make-up and hair-care. Stay tuned to RockNShop for the latest updates on beauty and beauty tips for women!