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By Ankita Kukreti - March 23, 2018


Spring has commenced and the sun is out. It’s time to bring out your favorite candy colors and prints and enjoy some Spring/Summer trends this year. We’re bringing to you some of the most popular Spring/Summer trends this 2018 – take your pick!


This look is a classic one. An all-white ensemble is usually lightweight, which is perfect for the heat, and also complements the sunlight and flowers blooming all around.

Stripes are such a staple print, that everyone has at least one item in their closet. But this time, the trend focus is on vertical stripes and we’re glad to be wearing our favorite but in a slightly different way.

Right after white, pink is so versatile – be it gender or even season –you can wear it with any second thought. Definitely a must have color this spring.

This spring trend is so refreshing. Tailored suits don’t have to be just blue and black – especially this Spring/Summer season. Play with colors – go all monotone – make a statement!

Summer and beaches go hand in hand and the time has come to bring out your beach shorts and some sunscreen!

Once frowned upon, socks and sandals are every bit a trend this summer. Still, if it’s not your thing, you can always stick with just your favorite summer sandal.

Reflectors, colored lens, square or round – whatever your preference – can find it all for your summer ahead.

Planning a beach trip to Bali or just good old Goa, scarves will always elevate your look and save you from the scorching heat too!