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By Ankita Kukreti - April 16, 2018


Taking care of your skin is very important – more so in summer due to the scorching sun and general amount of dirt and sweat. Cleansers, face packs and face mists are your best friends in the summer heat and it’s time to stock up.


Cleansers and scrubs

It’s very important in this summer season that you get all the dirt off and let your skin breathe. Cleanse your face twice a day and invest in some great sunscreen.

Toners and Face mists

After you cleanse your face, always tone. The toner nourishes your skin while taking the remaining specks of dirt/makeup/oil off your face. Also, facial mists are a refreshing addition to your makeup bag and routine.

Face packs and gels

Once or twice a week, take some time out for yourself and put a organic, nourishing face pack on. It feels amazing and makes your skin clean, supple and glowing. You can also go for face gels such as aloe vera after you’ve just come from the sun.


An extra layer of hydration and glow for your skin.

Face creams

Moisturising is essential. Doesn’t matter what skin type you have or what the weather is outside, you should always moisturize – day and night both.