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By Ankita Kukreti - April 3, 2018


A new season isn’t just limited to the weather. In a fashion lover’s world, a season change definitely means a new wave of fashion and trends. Summers are always an exciting fashion season because you can experiment so much in terms of styles, cuts and even color.

This year and summer season, we’ve rounded off eight new summer trends for you to play with and add to your summer closet!


Shop Color Up

Summer is all about color – especially bright. Candy colors, neons look so fresh and always stand out!

Shop Pastel Pairings

Pastels are such a lovely addition to your summer wardrobe that all-over pastel or pairing up two pastel pieces is something that we’re definitely trying out.

Shop Crystal-esque

Shimmer is such a look. A summer look for the evening with a sequin dress and crystal studded heels sounds great right now.

Shop Mini bags & Waist packs

Mini bags are all about convenience – especially fanny packs. Just sling ‘em over or around your waist and you’re good to go!

Shop Princess Shoes

The shortest way to get the Cinderella treatment. Try not to leave them behind though!

Shop Wild Florals

Oh, floral! We love you in the summer season and just can’t seem to part; so we’re flaunting you again this summer.

Shop Summer Swimwear

A no brainer for summer – swimwear and beachwear are staples in every girl’s wardrobe. Kaftans, bikinis and more – it’s time to frolic!