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The Travel Edit

By Punya Sareen - December 28, 2016

To the HILLS

The perfect getaway from the burning summers is definitely to the hills. While the hot days of summers don’t seem to get any better, it’s time that the mountain-lovers pack their bags and set out to the hills for some respite. Enjoy the serenity of the mountains and the cold breezes in full swing, while we are here to sort your holiday essentials.

Given the cold weather as you ascend higher up, you need to pack wisely. From fancy layers to the must-have boots, you need to stuff everything to satisfy your inner fashionista. Here’s your list of holiday essentials to make the most of your mountain staycation:

To the Beach

Beach Calling? Take time off from your bustling life and give yourself the much awaited break at the beach. Unwind, relax and rejuvenate! You have been working too hard on your beach body and it’s finally time to flaunt those abs. Head to the beach as we have the perfect plan for you to do the “Beach Please” in style. And while you are dreaming of tanning your body on a happening beach, we are putting together your list of beach essentials for you to make the most memorable travel diaries.

Travel light and follow the “less is more” approach while packing for a beach destination. We know how much you want that tan, but hey, don’t forget to carry the sunscreen!

To the City

Sometimes, nothing seems more relaxing than indulging in retail therapy. Unwind in style as you set out to holiday in the city. Pull out your glamorous best as you step out and your selfies from such city holidays are going to make for one of the best memories as you take a trip down the memory lane, sometime in future. Shop during the day, treat yourself to an exotic lunch and party in the night. What next? Repeat until you feel the need to de-stress yourself to a luxurious spa.

Load your luggage with the most up to the minute accessories and apparels from your wardrobe. Flaunt those bags, shoes and dresses that you have been saving for looking suave. And while you pose for the most elegant pictures in a nightclub, don’t forget your beauty bag!

To the Countryside

For an on-point style to be country-ready, you need to pack rather tactfully. It is going to be an immense task to match the beauty of the vineyards and rustic scenery with equal edgy outfits and accessories. Fret not! Our packing list is exhaustive and meticulously chalked out. Our stylist strongly recommends stuffing classic pieces to your list of countryside must-haves.
Repose by the poolside or lounge in style at a landscape for a casual evening out with these travel essentials and let the wanderlust in you do the rest.
Our picks for your self-indulgent holiday to the countryside are fool-proof options that are going to make for some extravagant memories. So get set packing now!