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VIRAL TRENDS-Wear now, Wear later

By Ankita Kukreti - September 1, 2017

‘VIRAL TRENDS’ – Wear now, Wear later

Trends come and go, always – but we’re here to tell you how to take your favourite pieces and wear them in any season. Below are trends that are going strong this season and we’re showing you how to take the same into fall; keep up!


Gold Clutches

A holy grail statement piece that everyone should have! Seasons don’t matter when you’re shimmering down your imaginary runway.


Embellished Shoes

Shoes can make or break your outfit, so choose one that will always make your outfit better! Embellished shoes are a big hit all year round.


Midi Skirts

A t-shirt in the summers and a jacket in fall – midi skirts are a delight to pair up and wear!


Silk Robes

Nothing domestic about robes anymore. Seen on the runways and on the streets, fashion lovers are adorning their silk robes like nobody’s business.



Thigh high boots and white booties both were seen on a regular on the fashion scene. Booties have extra points because of their versatility in summers too. Take a cue from Kendall Jenner here and pair them up with your favorite t shirt and pants.



Take a mid year resolution of being a bit more daring and go metallic. No need to go overboard; just pair your metallic with something cozy for fall.



The color ‘Red’ is all over the place and we love it. A red dress is so simple to transition that it never leaves our closet!


Rose Prints

Rose trend is blooming. Flowers never go out of season, so why should our skrits? Ha! Just our little reason to keep close to our favourite trend.