Evening wear

There is no such thing as being overdressed. Party essentials that should storm, sashay and dance their way into your wardrobe, sans invitation. #TheSocialAgenda

Modern Evening

Night out

There's no stopping you tonight; whether it's a throwback to the times you had one shots too many or a sneer at a guys' cheek to take you away from your night out, when it comes to your girl sqaud, 'going all out' seems only legit.

Black Tie

OTT glamour

No, you're not an arm candy; in fact your partner who has had the honour of accompanying you for the night dare think otherwise. In your jewels, that struggle to level your natural dazzle, you are piercingly seductive yet enviously calm. Bull's eye.

Evening Glam

cocktail Hr.

Wise ones would practice restrain, ney? Though that doesn't necessarily entail not taking your gorgeous silks and signature heels for a long night out. As long as the bride's not your best friend, you can steal a wee bit of her thunder. Only a wee bit, that is.

After Dark Style

Night fever

Lady you've got the moves, haven't you? We can't think of anyone who'd pluck up courage to kill your vibe tonight. Your disco style could inspire quite a few things - think a Drake rap or even a Drake move. Your pick