the visionaries

The Visionaries

Santoshi Shetty

Architect, Blogger, fashion inspiration- Hi, I’m Santoshi Shetty! If I had to introduce myself, I’d say I’m adventurous, optimistic and always living in the moment. It’s been quite a journey for me juggling both my college work and blogging - it’s been a fun journey to say the least! From almost being a full time architect to now the founder of my own very successful blog ‘ TheStyledge’, I’m very happy with how everything has unfolded for me and it gives me immense happiness to know that people genuinely love what I do. It’s been 2 years since I embarked on this journey called ‘TheStyledge’ and I feel very fortunate that I’m doing something I love, since not everyone gets to do that.

Social media is my best friend - I love Instagram, it’s my favourite. It has definitely helped me gain such a wide follower base all over the country and internationally too!

When it comes to my work, I like to do things with perfection and give my 100% and I feel it does get a bit unfair when someone tends to prefer quantity of my followers over quality of my work and sometimes you do feel it's not fair but I have learnt to look at the brighter side of everything & appreciate things around. I just want to focus on my own work and work on it to my heart’s content. I believe in living in the moment. Everyone's going to get what they deserve! As I always say, be consistent, be versatile and be confident! Just go with the flow, never stop dreaming!

Rewards will follow!

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Small backpack or sling bag, Selfie stick, Perfume, Moisturizer, Sunglasses, Power Bank




   Blue Denim, white t-shirt and sneaks - casual and basic




Pair of blue Denims, black Denims, denim jacket, boots, sneakers, plain white t-shirt