RocknShop offers a wide range of accessories for women. Shop from a range of designer belts, eyeglasses, hair accessories, scarves, key chains and many more from global designer ad luxury brands such as John Jacobs, Hair Drama, Matt and Nat, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and add glam to any outfit!

  1. Ora Belt Cardamom

    Ora Belt Cardamom

    As low as $56

  2. Nodo Belt Cardamom

    Nodo Belt Cardamom

    As low as $56

  3. Flora Spike Hairband
    Puneet Gupta

    Flora Spike Hairband

    As low as $140

  4. Vintage Flora Bangle
    Puneet Gupta

    Vintage Flora Bangle

    As low as $20

  5. Jem Raspberry Bangle
    Puneet Gupta

    Jem Raspberry Bangle

    As low as $50

  6. Flora  Spike Bangle
    Puneet Gupta

    Flora Spike Bangle

    As low as $50

  7. Classic Skull Scarves Beige
    Alexander McQueen

    Classic Skull Scarves Beige

    As low as $330

  8. Leopard print skull scarf
    Alexander McQueen

    Leopard print skull scarf


  9. Elegance In The Box
    Hair Drama

    Elegance In The Box


  10. Noir Embellished Round Sunglasses
  11. Tami Necklace
  12. Beige Floral French Knot Stole
  13. Beige Bird and Flower Printed Stole
  14. Beige Fully Embroidered Pashmina Stole
  15. Saffron Merino Wool Shawl
  16. Pink Salt Merino Wool Shawl
  17. Poppy Seed Merino Wool Shawl
  18. Aubergine Merino Wool Shawl
  19. Beige Printed Stole
  20. Statement Flower Neckpiece

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