RocknShop offers a wide range of accessories for women. Shop from a range of designer belts, eyeglasses, hair accessories, scarves, key chains and many more from global designer ad luxury brands such as John Jacobs, Hair Drama, Matt and Nat, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana and add glam to any outfit!

  1. Zeokaata Pearl and Brass Candance Earrings
  2. Zerokaata Moonstone Black Brass Paloma Earrings
  3. Zerokaata Pearl Brass Cuff
  4. Zerokaata Malachite Cornlain Double Twist Brass Cuff
  5. Zerokaata Malachite Onyx Remix Brass Cuff
  6. Zerokaata Turquoise and Rose  Brass Cuff
  7. Zerokaata Black Onyx Malachite Brass Earrings
  8. Zerokaata Tassel Pearl Studded Brass Earrings
  9. Zerokaata long tassel earrings
  10. Zerokaata Rose Stone Dangler Earrings
  11. Dual Blue Chalcedony Bead Silver Rings
  12. Yellow Druzy Spiral Ring
  13. Inverted Triangle Titanium Druzy Silver Plated Chain
  14. Round Labrodorite Pendant Chain
  15. Three Round Long Pendant Chain Necklace
  16. Multi Level Brass Pendants With Pearls Necklace
  17. Amethyst Pendants Brass Necklace
  18. Black Diamonds Insignia Ring

    Black Diamonds Insignia Ring

    As low as $2,730

  19. Insignia Double Finger Ring

    Insignia Double Finger Ring

    As low as $3,695

  20. Gold Feather Insignia Ring

    Gold Feather Insignia Ring

    As low as $3,325

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