Hair Accessories

Presenting a wide variety of hair accessories for women like hairbands, tiaras, hair shimmer, head chains, hair pins and many from the designer collection of Rocknshop! Shop from designer brands like Hair Drama, Darya London, Rejuvenate Jewels, Begada, Puneet Gupta and many more and add glam to any outfit!

  1. Jadau Polki Hairband
    Puneet Gupta

    Jadau Polki Hairband

    As low as $160

  2. Cream Pearl Hairband
    Puneet Gupta

    Cream Pearl Hairband

    As low as $140

  3. Jadau Stone Hairband
    Puneet Gupta

    Jadau Stone Hairband

    As low as $140

  4. Hair Shimmer- Pink
    Hair Drama

    Hair Shimmer- Pink


  5. Jadau Sleek Hairband
    Puneet Gupta

    Jadau Sleek Hairband

    As low as $120

  6. Rani Sleek Hairband
    Puneet Gupta

    Rani Sleek Hairband

    As low as $120

  7. Navratna Hairband
    Puneet Gupta

    Navratna Hairband

    As low as $180

  8. Jewel Blue Hairband
    Puneet Gupta

    Jewel Blue Hairband

    As low as $120

  9. Leafy Pearl Hair Pins - Silver
  10. Leafy Pearl Hair Pins - Gold
  11. Bow Clip- Black
    Hair Drama

    Bow Clip- Black


  12. Purple Solaris Headband

    Purple Solaris Headband

    As low as $180

  13. Floral Tiara in Multicolor
  14. Pineapple Head Chain
    Hair Drama

    Pineapple Head Chain


  15. Neutral Color Comb
    Hair Drama

    Neutral Color Comb


  16. Flora Pins - Set of 2
    Hair Drama

    Flora Pins - Set of 2


  17. Marque Pink Head Chain- Pink
  18. Marque Green Head Chain- Green
  19. Marque Golden Head Chain- Golden
  20. Princess Head chain- Orange

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