Shawls are surely attention grabbing accessory when it comes to giving an extra layer to your outfit. Fashion conscious women try to flaunt their expressions by wearing different set of shawls that not only glam up their look but also spruce up their wardrobe. Some of our designer crafted shawls are handmade with love, it features floral embroidered border on luxurious cashmere!

  1. Leopard print cashmere shawl
    Alexander McQueen

    Leopard print cashmere shawl

    As low as $790

  2. Leopard print cashmere shawl
  3. Aubergine Merino Wool Shawl
  4. Poppy Seed Merino Wool Shawl
  5. Pink Salt Merino Wool Shawl
  6. Navy Pashmina Animal Pattern Stole
  7. Black and Pink Pashmina Flower Stole
  8. Black and Green Pashmina Flower Stole
  9. Saffron Merino Wool Shawl
  10. Grey Pashmina Lady Bird Stole
  11. Black Pashmina Lock & Key Stole
  12. Navy Pashmina Owl Stole
  13. Navy Pashmina Skulls Stole
  14. Midnight Pashmina Skull Border Stole
  15. Poppy Orange Pashmina Skull Border Stole
  16. Outspoken Shawl
  17. Poise Stole

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