When it comes to design and style, RocknShop offers the best designer collection of Backpacks for women. You can now choose from a wide range of designer Backpacks in multiple colors, black, blue, brown and many more, that not only makes your traveling filled with style and elegance but also makes it enjoyable. So what are you waiting for, just buy one and flaunt with style!

  1. Morning Fog BnB Backpack

    Morning Fog BnB Backpack

    As low as $320

  2. Blue and White Grove Eco Backpack
  3. Blue and Black Grove Eco Backpack
  4. Cherry Color Chic Bagpack
    The Love Hook

    Cherry Color Chic Bagpack


  5. Love Backpack In Blue And White
  6. Whatever Bagpack In Blue
    The Love Hook

    Whatever Bagpack In Blue


  7. Hello Backpack In Black And White
  8. Heart Beat Bagpack In Black
    The Love Hook

    Heart Beat Bagpack In Black


  9. Mirror Tassel Backpack
    The Purple Sack

    Mirror Tassel Backpack


  10. Skyhigh Bagpack
    The Purple Sack

    Skyhigh Bagpack


  11. Mae West Rucksack Butterfly Albino
  12. Large Backpack - Tan
  13. Large Backpack - Indigo Blue
  14. Camel BnB Backpack
  15. Scented Denim Patches Womens Backpack
  16. Space Blue Briana Classic Backpack
  17. Black Briana Classic Backpack
  18. Black Bella Backpack
  19. Taupe Large Travel Backpack
  20. Brick Origami Backpack

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