From the usual bags for office & party, a clutch is a woman's most preferred small strapless handbag that radiates confidence and makes a statement. RocknShop offers premium clutches, well designed to be held in the hand. Our designer clutches are from the stable of Nitya Biswas, Puneet Gupta, Jasbir Gill and Rashmi Modi and many more. Increase your glam quotient by pairing a clutch bag from our latest collection, with your gown or evening dress and be talk of the soiree.

  1. Glory Pink Clutch

    Glory Pink Clutch


  2. Colorful Love Clutch

    Colorful Love Clutch


  3. Bride Squad Clutch
    Puneet Gupta

    Bride Squad Clutch


  4. Midnight Cinderella Clutch
    Puneet Gupta

    Midnight Cinderella Clutch


  5. Pink with pearls

    Pink with pearls


  6. Zinnia Embroidered Baguette Bag In Pink- Orange Color
  7. Pink Sparkle Fabric Donna Clutch
    Katherine Kwei

    Pink Sparkle Fabric Donna Clutch


  8. Pink Oversized Clutch
    Monsoon and Beyond

    Pink Oversized Clutch


  9. Pink Dhurrie Clutch Bag
    Monsoon and Beyond

    Pink Dhurrie Clutch Bag


  10. Knot Clutches – Pink
    Katherine Kwei

    Knot Clutches – Pink

    As low as $485

  11. Flap Clutch – Multi Pink
    Katherine Kwei

    Flap Clutch – Multi Pink

    As low as $395

  12. Flap Clutch - Pink
    Katherine Kwei

    Flap Clutch - Pink

    As low as $395

  13. Jean Free Clutch
    Edie Parker

    Jean Free Clutch

    As low as $1,982

  14. Adena Crystal Embellished Baguette Bag
  15. Pale Pink Geo  Box Clutch
  16. Pale Pink Woven Clutch With Chain
  17. Pale Pink Embellished Box Clutch
  18. Blush Pink Stretta Clutch
  19. Pale Pink and Silver Crackle Clutch
  20. The Décolleté Compact Clutch

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