Currency Folio

If you are that person who loves to be more organized when it comes to your swiping cards and rupee notes, here is a quick and handy opportunity to keep them safe. Presenting Currency Folio from RocknShop, which is hand made with genuine leather and designed to secure your business cards / credits cards. While you can buy one for your own use, it can also serve as a best gift option for your loved ones!

  1. Mauve Casual Clutch
  2. The Tembo Currency Folio
  3. Reversible Passport Holder – White N Orange
  4. The Gaucho Passport Folio
  5. The Tembo Passport Folio
  6. Passport Wallet - Grey Ivory
  7. Passport Wallet - Tan Ivory
  8. Voyager Kit - Grey Ivory
  9. The Ipanema Passport Folio
  10. Orient Express Lace Appliqué Wallet
  11. Maiden Voyage Currency Folio Women
  12. Aviator Currency Folio Women
  13. Oxford Blue London Slim Travel Wallet
  14. Voyager Kit - Tan Ivory
  15. Card Case - Tan
  16. Card Case - Deep Maroon
  17. Chocolate London Slim Travel Wallet
  18. British Green London Slim Travel Wallet
  19. Oxblood London Slim Travel Wallet
  20. Crimson London Slim Travel Wallet

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