Your everyday companion, the Wallets look super modern, stylish and fashionable. Each wallet is made of genuine leather processed under advanced technology to ensure longevity. The twin layered wallet is equipped with compartments and slots to carry cash, cards, phone, keys, make-up etc. Shop for many such designer wallets for women here!

  1. Convertible leather wallet
    Halston Heritage

    Convertible leather wallet

    As low as $437

  2. Card Holder Printed
    Dolce Gabbana

    Card Holder Printed

    As low as $205

  3. Sparkle Bi-Fold Wallet
    Malini Murjani

    Sparkle Bi-Fold Wallet


  4. Tan Lara Slim Leather Wallet
  5. Belle De Jour patent leather wallet
  6. Classic Paris zip around wallet
  7. Belle De Jour patent leather wallet
  8. Single Chamber Wallet - Tan
  9. Double Chamber Wallet - Tan
  10. Mauve Casual Clutch
  11. The Gaucho Compact Clutch
  12. The Ipanema Compact  Clutch
  13. The Décolleté Compact Clutch
  14. The Tembo Currency Folio
  15. Double Chamber Wallet - Natural
  16. Sunnny Loafer Wallet
  17. Misty Rose Loafer Wallet
  18. Merlot Wine Loafer Wallet
  19. Orient Express Lace Appliqué Wallet
  20. Maiden Voyage Currency Folio Women

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