Lord & Berry

Started in 1991, Lord&Berry is an Italian fashion house that revolutionized make up into an important fashion accessory. As one of the original niche make-up brands Lord&Berry is dedicated to creating style. empowering women worldwide through its fashion forward cosmetics. A stylish slick of lipstick or a chic flick of eyeliner will inspire a woman’s look, complete her self expression, improve her self confidence, and boost her beauty inside and out.

  1. Audace
  2. Black
  4. Ocean
  5. Bronz
  6. Smoke
  7. Sand
  8. Olivia
  9. Black
  10. Nudo
  11. White
  12. Black
  13. Black
  14. Black
  15. Moon
  16. Fire
  17. Earth
  18. Intimacy
  19. Lust
  20. Orange

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