RocknShop’s collection of fragrances, scents, perfumes, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum creates a sensory and pleasurable experience for you. Reverence from the surroundings is just the bonus. Perfumes are divided into many categories and each scent is created using three different types of notes. An overabundance to leave you spoilt for choice. Wear your fragrance.

  1. Pure Eve - The Different Company
  2. Une Nuit Magnetique - The Different Company
  3. Sensual Orchid - LM Parfum
  4. Ultimate Seduction - LM Parfum
  5. Epine Moretell - LM Parfum
  6. Wood and Absinth-Mark Buxton
  7. Sublime Balkiss - The Different Company
  8. Cologne After Midnight - The Different Company
  9. Oud Shamash Collection-The Different Company
  10. Vanille Cacao
  11. Vanille Patchouli
  12. Musc Ylang Ylang
  13. Vanille Framboise
  14. Vanille Vanillée
  15. Vanille Néroli
  16. Vanille Monoï
  17. Patrizia –EDP
  18. Pepe – EDP
  19. 21 - Eco Deo
  20. Scent Intense - Parfum 100ML

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