“Shopping & Clothing”, are always close to women’s heart. We at RocknShop have made this experience exciting and challenging by offering you our wide range of designer luxury dresses. Our clothing varieties are extensive and we have tastefully displayed our clothing line from midi to minis, skirts to high waist trousers, jump suit to ruffle tops, vintage jackets to slit skirts that can make you go wow. Login to RocknShop and flaunt your looks.

  1. Black cotton Kazuo Puff Jacket
    Sameer Madan

    Black cotton Kazuo Puff Jacket

    As low as $360

  2. Raw Umber Halter Collared Hanako Cotton Trench Dress
  3. Festival Ready Bikini

    Festival Ready Bikini

    As low as $190

  4. One and Always Swimsuit

    One and Always Swimsuit

    As low as $130

  5. Black Gold Python Textured Bell sleeve Blazer
    Rosella couture

    Black Gold Python Textured Bell sleeve Blazer

    As low as $975

  6. Pink foil Suede Blazer
    Rosella couture

    Pink foil Suede Blazer

    As low as $895

  7. Black Biker Leather Jacket With Multi Color Foil Sleeves
  8. Black Luxury Shorts With Contrast Visible Top Stitch And A Front Tiep Up Self Belt
  9. Black Flared spaghetti top
    Soleil Atelier

    Black Flared spaghetti top

    As low as $240

  10. Black Bomber Leather Jacket
    Rosella couture

    Black Bomber Leather Jacket

    As low as $745

  11. Black Gold Python Textured Leather Dress
    Rosella couture

    Black Gold Python Textured Leather Dress

    As low as $1,300

  12. Ayako Bodycon Dress
    Sameer Madan

    Ayako Bodycon Dress

    As low as $255

  13.  Black Spagetti Midi Dress
    Soleil Atelier

    Black Spagetti Midi Dress

    As low as $290

  14. Flower Power Pants
    Forbidden the Atelier

    Flower Power Pants

    As low as $145

  15. Adjustable Black And White Tie Vest With Mirror And Metal Work
  16. Embroidered Kasho Dress

    Embroidered Kasho Dress

    As low as $441

  17. Floral Embroidered Daria Dress

    Floral Embroidered Daria Dress

    As low as $372

  18. Embroidered Kasho Sweatshirt

    Embroidered Kasho Sweatshirt

    As low as $234

  19. Floral Glory Sweatshirt

    Floral Glory Sweatshirt

    As low as $248

  20. Floral Glory Pants

    Floral Glory Pants

    As low as $273

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