“Shopping & Clothing”, are always close to women’s heart. We at RocknShop have made this experience exciting and challenging by offering you our wide range of designer luxury dresses. Our clothing varieties are extensive and we have tastefully displayed our clothing line from midi to minis, skirts to high waist trousers, jump suit to ruffle tops, vintage jackets to slit skirts that can make you go wow. Login to RocknShop and flaunt your looks.

  1. Silver Bomber Leather Jacket
    Rosella couture

    Silver Bomber Leather Jacket

    As low as $1,080

  2. Long Dress With Crochet Work

    Long Dress With Crochet Work

    As low as $325

  3. Plain Silver Long Dress

    Plain Silver Long Dress

    As low as $290

  4. Way To Sparkle Dress
    Forbidden the Atelier

    Way To Sparkle Dress

    As low as $290

  5. Corsett With Ribon Details

    Corsett With Ribon Details

    As low as $170

  6. Silver Textured Button Down Top
    Moschino Cheap and Chic

    Silver Textured Button Down Top

    As low as $653

  7. Leaf Printed Halter Dress
    Moschino Cheap and Chic

    Leaf Printed Halter Dress

    As low as $650

  8. Silver Cropped Sweater
    Moschino Cheap and Chic

    Silver Cropped Sweater

    As low as $356

  9. Cyra Silver Sequinned Jacket
    Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna

    Cyra Silver Sequinned Jacket

    As low as $725

  10. Silver Metallic Embroidery Jacket

    Silver Metallic Embroidery Jacket

    As low as $530

  11. Organza + silver metallic embroidery Dress
  12. Silver Nova Gown
    Alice Olivia

    Silver Nova Gown

    As low as $3,384

  13. Sienna Boatneck Fitted Gown
    Alice Olivia

    Sienna Boatneck Fitted Gown

    As low as $2,203

  14. Ponte New Zebra Silver Dress
  15. Sequin Dress From Alberta Ferretti In Silver
  16. Crochet Skirt
  17. Silver Blade Cut Textured Corset Top
  18. Vertical Beading Dress
  19. Lace Silver Dress
  20. Handwoven Zari Tunic

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