“Shopping & Clothing”, are always close to women’s heart. We at RocknShop have made this experience exciting and challenging by offering you our wide range of designer luxury dresses. Our clothing varieties are extensive and we have tastefully displayed our clothing line from midi to minis, skirts to high waist trousers, jump suit to ruffle tops, vintage jackets to slit skirts that can make you go wow. Login to RocknShop and flaunt your looks.

  1. Head Turner Golden Dress
    Attic Salt

    Head Turner Golden Dress

    As low as $195

  2. Blouse And Two Tiered Skirt Coordinate
    Saaksha and Kinni

    Blouse And Two Tiered Skirt Coordinate

    As low as $460

  3. Nude Printed Pleated Dress
    Saaksha and Kinni

    Nude Printed Pleated Dress

    As low as $245

  4. Printed Two Tier Cape In Nude Color
    Saaksha and Kinni

    Printed Two Tier Cape In Nude Color

    As low as $295

  5. Para Dress
    Designers Remix

    Para Dress

    As low as $490

  6. Iryna Beaded Tee
    Alice Olivia

    Iryna Beaded Tee

    As low as $680

  7. Leonie Pleat Front Button Down
    Alice Olivia

    Leonie Pleat Front Button Down

    As low as $595

  8. Rowley Sheer Back Tiered Dr
    Alice Olivia

    Rowley Sheer Back Tiered Dr

    As low as $1,360

  9. Magnolia Cap Sleeve Full/Belt
    Alice Olivia

    Magnolia Cap Sleeve Full/Belt

    As low as $830

  10. Strapless Blouson
    Alice Olivia

    Strapless Blouson

    As low as $680

  11. Dropped Waist Beaded Dress
    Alice Olivia

    Dropped Waist Beaded Dress

    As low as $1,190

  12. Short Sleeve Boatneck Peplum
    Alice Olivia

    Short Sleeve Boatneck Peplum

    As low as $510

  13. Baia Slim Sleeveless Dress
    Alice Olivia

    Baia Slim Sleeveless Dress

    As low as $665

  14. Para Top
    Designers Remix

    Para Top

    As low as $288

  15. Dagmar Dress
    Designers Remix

    Dagmar Dress

    As low as $338

  16. Cross-Over Knitted Dress
    Self Portrait

    Cross-Over Knitted Dress

    As low as $637

  17. Nude A-Cut Dress

    Nude A-Cut Dress

    As low as $290

  18. Long Josette Skirt
    Temperley London

    Long Josette Skirt

    As low as $2,736

  19. Beige One Shoulder Dress
  20. Nude Embellished Bodysuit

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