“Shopping & Clothing”, are always close to women’s heart. We at RocknShop have made this experience exciting and challenging by offering you our wide range of designer luxury dresses. Our clothing varieties are extensive and we have tastefully displayed our clothing line from midi to minis, skirts to high waist trousers, jump suit to ruffle tops, vintage jackets to slit skirts that can make you go wow. Login to RocknShop and flaunt your looks.

  1. Constructed Pocket Shirt

    Constructed Pocket Shirt

    As low as $265

  2. Double Buttoned Square Neck Dress

    Double Buttoned Square Neck Dress

    As low as $370

  3. Cream Square Neck Top

    Cream Square Neck Top

    As low as $315

  4. Organza Skirt With Binding

    Organza Skirt With Binding

    As low as $545

  5. Twill Tape Binding Dress

    Twill Tape Binding Dress

    As low as $455

  6. V-Neck Overlap Dress

    V-Neck Overlap Dress

    As low as $495

  7. White on White Stripes Asymmetric Shift Dress
  8. Ivory Uneven Pleated Blouse
  9. Cream Inverted Pleat Trouser
  10. Black Culottes With Binding
  11. Black Single Pleat Trouser
  12. V-Neck Overlap Jacket
  13. Black Side Pleated Straight Pants
  14. Black and white Stripes Kimono Panelled Shirt
  15. Indigo Blue Batik Shirt with Back Placket
  16. Navy Blue Silk Net Shirt
  17. Powder Blue Back Placket Shirt with Gathers
  18. Ivory V-Neck overlap dress
  19. Navy Blue Twill Line Boxy Pleated Dress
  20. Black Double Layered Dress

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