“Shopping & Clothing”, are always close to women’s heart. We at RocknShop have made this experience exciting and challenging by offering you our wide range of designer luxury dresses. Our clothing varieties are extensive and we have tastefully displayed our clothing line from midi to minis, skirts to high waist trousers, jump suit to ruffle tops, vintage jackets to slit skirts that can make you go wow. Login to RocknShop and flaunt your looks.

  1. Black cotton Kazuo Puff Jacket
    Sameer Madan

    Black cotton Kazuo Puff Jacket

    As low as $360

  2. Monochrome Kagami Jacket with Fur
    Sameer Madan

    Monochrome Kagami Jacket with Fur

    As low as $370

  3. Raw Umber Halter Collared Hanako Cotton Trench Dress
  4. Maroon Quilted Cho Jacket Dress
    Sameer Madan

    Maroon Quilted Cho Jacket Dress

    As low as $200

  5. Afro Punk Statement bomber
    Sameer Madan

    Afro Punk Statement bomber

    As low as $315

  6. Navy Blue  Jersey Ayame Bodycon with Under-bust wiring and scooped neckline
  7. Ayako Bodycon Dress
    Sameer Madan

    Ayako Bodycon Dress

    As low as $255

  8. Akemi Bodycon Dress Maroon
    Sameer Madan

    Akemi Bodycon Dress Maroon

    As low as $220

  9. Muraski Pencil Skirt
  10. Black poly crape High Waisted Trousers
  11. Hiroshi Top with High ruffled neck and Pleats
  12. Elder Berry Jumpsuit
  13. Berry Voluntary
  14. Blue Rasberry
  15. Multicoloured Textured Hiroshi Top
  16. High Neck Etsu Dress in Black
  17. Chizu Shirt Dress with Tucked Sleeves
  18. Black Current Dress
  19. Chiyoko High Neck Shirt Dress
  20. Multicoloured textured Chikako Dress

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