Akaaro is committed to the life and longevity of Indian craftsmanship. Its ethos is rooted in bridging traditional weave structures with contemporary, forming a strong connect between the Weave and the Women. Its clothes are for the thinking women, worn with pride and dignity of the maker, and the wearer. Their aesthetic signifies global values of elegance, intelligence and longevity that are relevant to the contemporary aesthetic of any international city.


  1. Handwoven Purple and Silver Zari Trench Coat
  2. Handwoven Zari Metallic Top
  3. Handwoven Black and Silver Metallic Shirt Dress
  4. Handwoven Zari Metallic Pleated Top
  5. Handwoven Silk Inverted Pleated Pants
  6. Handwoven Zari Tunic
  7. Charcoal Handwoven Silk Shirt

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